Are you an agency? What’s the difference between SupplyTeacher.jobs and an agency?

Agencies add up to 40% to the cost of everyday work carried out by a supply teacher. This is profit on the supply teacher’s time that we believe the school should save and/or the teacher should receive for the work they are doing. Typically, the 40% added by the agency means that the school pays more for the teacher and the teacher takes home much less than the recommended union rate.

We do not make any profit from the time worked by a supply teacher; the only fee we charge is a flat monthly fee to the school to access the teachers on the platform. This is much fairer for both schools and teachers and removes the unnecessary, costly agency middleman. We do the same background checks and referencing as agencies on all supply teachers and use technology to simplify the process of schools and supply teachers working together.

Supply Teacher FAQ

Do you have a list of registered schools?

We're setting up initially in the Sheffield region. We are in talks with school groups representing 900 schools in that area who are keen to start benefitting from our approach. A number of these schools will be participating in our beta programme which will help us refine the system with supply teachers. We have a rollout plan to engage more areas of the UK throughout 2017; we'll communicate the plan to everyone who has completed the 1st step or registration. When we are live in your area, you’ll receive an invitation to complete the remainder of the registration process so that you can start to receive vacancies. The more supply teachers that register in a given area, the quicker we’ll be able to launch in that location so please refer us to colleagues if you feel that they will benefit from using our system.

What rates do you pay? Do you pay to scale?

The NASUWT supply teaching rates guidance covers recommended rates for supply teachers for 2016/17. Schools determine the rate they offer a supply teacher for any given role, where the supply teacher receives 100% of that gross rate. We request that you provide your grading as part of the signup and referencing process and also recommend to schools that they pay union recommended rates. Your umbrella company will then deduct standard national insurance and tax, resulting in net pay. SupplyTeacher.jobs does not deduct anything from the rate paid by the school. We are an enabler between the school and the supply teacher, but with more transparency than an agency.

Are you an umbrella company? Are you suggesting I join an umbrella company?

We are not an umbrella company. From April 2017, the liability for IR35 tax compliance is moving from Teachers to Schools and HMRC have decided that all public sector work is inside IR35. PWC (the large accountancy firm) has predicted that this change will lead to schools either needing to work with umbrella companies or agencies with staff on PAYE, or employ supply teachers directly on PAYE.

Due to public sector changes to IR35, from April 2017 it’s going to be increasingly difficult to work as a supply teacher using your own limited company unless the school is happy to take on the liability for your IR35 status (which some will and some won’t).

Typically, an umbrella company will take between 2% and 4% of your daily pay, capped at a weekly amount of around £20. Our calculations show that in almost all situations, you are better off working for a school within an umbrella company via supplyteacher.jobs than directly for an agency on PAYE. This is because no agency margin of 15%+ will be added. When you work for an agency on PAYE, they are building in 13% employers NI to their agency margin because they have to pay this to HMRC. What an umbrella does is pay the employers NI and then pass the cost to you without additional margin.

Do you match teachers with schools?

A school knows the most about what sort of skills and experience best fits their role vacancy. We provide a wealth of information, and where available, ratings for a given teacher so that the school can make a decision. Schools invite up to 3 teachers to a role, receive responses, then appoint the most suitable teacher to the role.

How do I get paid?

If the school has offered to employ you and pay you on a PAYE basis, the school pays you directly.

If the school wants you to use an umbrella company, the school checks off the days/half days that you worked and we generate an invoice for your time and send it to the school on a weekly basis. We get paid by the school, we pay your umbrella company who then pay you.

Due to April 2017 public sector changes to IR35 it’s going to be increasingly difficult to work as a supply teacher using your own limited company unless the school is happy to take on the liability for your IR35 status (which some will and some won’t).

If you do not have an umbrella company you must join one if you want to work for schools who will not employ you on a PAYE basis. While we are not an umbrella company we can help you with this once you are registered.

Do you pay holiday pay?

The recommended rate of pay from the NASUWT guidelines includes holiday pay assuming that a teacher works 191 days per year. We recommend that schools offer a rate for the role based on the NASUWT guidelines and your grading.

Can I contribute to the teacher pension scheme?

You can work for a school as an employee on PAYE via us if the school offers it for a given role, which in turn enables you to contribute to the teacher pension scheme. The teacher pension scheme stops any supply teacher who is not PAYE with a school from contributing. We offer schools the option to take you on a PAYE basis or pay you via an umbrella company of your choosing because they require both options.

School FAQ

How does it work?

Contact us to register and use our website to browse available, pre-screened (DBS, QTS etc) supply teachers in your area. A wealth of information about each teacher is available on the site to enable you to invite up to 3 teachers at the pay rate you choose, either on a PAYE basis, or working via their existing umbrella company. The teachers reply to confirm their availability and then you appoint the one that matches the role the best. For teachers working via an umbrella, each week you mark off the time worked, we invoice you and take payment. For teachers you wish to pay directly, you handle all timesheets and payments.

What happens if I am not happy with the performance of the SupplyTeacher.jobs teacher?

In instances of serious misconduct, this should be escalated to us and we will work with the umbrella company the teacher is employed by to address the situation. In the case of basic under-performance, lateness etc., there is a feedback system.

What is the shortest lead time for posting an assignment in comparison to starting an assignment?

If you appoint a teacher early in the morning for that day, they can be there that day.

Do you allow non-qualified teachers or TAs to go on the platform and teach a class?

We only allow QTS qualified teaching professionals to go on the platform subject to pre-screening.

How do we know that a teacher has all the relevant qualifications and background checks?

We complete checks in compliance with government regulations for all teachers. We check the qualifications using the teacher QTS database, check both the DBS certificate and DBS update service (as applicable), check that their umbrella company has completed Right to Work checks, obtain two references for the teacher, and check that appropriate CPD has been completed. All of this information is available to schools, who check the hardcopy DBS on site, and DBS update service(as applicable), and also confirm the legal identification document with the teacher.